Not an exhaustive list.  I’m striving for adult fiction titles, but an occasional YA or juvenile fiction title, or a biography, may have made its way in here.  Some publication dates may reflect later editions of the work.

Acts of God, James BeauSeigneur, 2004
Acts of God, Adrienne V. Parks, 1986
Acts of God, Mary Morris, 2000

After, Robert Woodruff Anderson, 1973
After, Melvin Jules Bukiet, 1996
After, Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, 2003
After, Francine Prose, 2003

Against all enemies, Harold Coyle, 2002
Against all enemies, Ervin S. Duggan, 1977
Against all enemies, Richard Herman, 1998

The alchemist, Donna Boyd, 2002
The alchemist, Paulo Coelho, 1998
The alchemist, Kenneth W. Goddard, 1985

All that glitters, V. C. Andrews, 1995
All that glitters, Michael Anthony, 1981
All that glitters, Viveca Carlysle, 1999
All that glitters, Jean Ferris, 1996
All that glitters, Ray Garton, 2000
All that glitters, Noel Bertram Gerson, 1975
All that glitters, Linda Howard, 1998
All that glitters, Jerry Kennealy, 1999
All that glitters, Elizabeth Powers, 1981
All that glitters, Rachel Roberts, 2001
All that glitters, Thomas Tryon, 1986
All that glitters, Ericka Williams, 2007
All that glitters, Susan Kyle and Diana Palmer, 1995
All that glitters, Peggy J. Herring, 2007

Almost home, Nora Raleigh Baskin, 2003
Almost home, Debra S. Cowan, 1994
Almost home, Barbara Freethy,2000
Almost home, Wendy Lawton, 2003
Almost home, T. M. McNally, 1998
Almost home, Jonathan Schwartz, 1979

Bad business, Anthony Bruno, 1991
Bad business, Robert B. Parker, 2004

Bad to the bone, Debra Dixon, 1996
Bad to the bone, Jeri Smith-Ready, 2009
Bad to the bone, Katy Munger, 2000
Bad to the bone, Mildred E. Riley, 2003
Bad to the bone, Stephen Solomita, 1991

Bait, Kenneth Abel, 1994
Bait, Karen Robards, 2004
Bait, Renzo Rosso, 1962
Bait, C. J. Songer, 1999
Bait, Dorothy Uhnak, 1978

Beach girls, John D. MacDonald, 1987
Beach girls, Luanne Rice, 2004

Between a rock and a hard place, Aron Ralston, 2004
Between a rock and a hard place, Alden R. Carter, 1995

Big bad wolf, Linda Jones, 1997
Big bad wolf, James Patterson, 2003
Big bad wolf (The others, No. 8), Christine Warren, 2009

Blowout, Catherine Coulter, 2004
Blowout, Thomas N. Scortia, 1987

Blue blood : a debutante dropout mystery, Susan McBride, 2004
Blue blood : an Ivy League mystery, Pamela Thomas-Graham, 1999

Bone by bone, Carol O’Connell, 2008
Bone by bone, Peter Matthiessen, 1999

Bone deep, Darian North, 1995
Bone deep, David Wiltse, 1995

The bone garden, Kate Ellis, 2003
The bone garden, Tess Gerritsen, 2007

The bone orchard, D. Daniel Judson, 2002
The bone orchard, Joseph Trigoboff, 1990

Bones of contention, Edward Candy, 1954
Bones of contention, Nicholas Gage, 1975

Breakout, Paul Fleischman, 2003
Breakout!, Jerry B. Jenkins, 2003
Breakout, Richard Stark, 2002

Bred in the bone, Elsie Singmaster, 1925
Bred in the bone, Thomas Nelson Page, 1904

Brothers in arms, Shelley Bradley,2001
Brothers in arms, Lois McMaster Bujold, 1989
Brothers in arms, Michael Carson, 1988
Brothers in arms, Hans Hellmut Kirst, 1967
Brothers in arms, Paul Langan, 2004
Brothers in arms, Ben Weaver, 2001
Brothers in arms, Marcus Wynne, 2004

Can you keep a secret?, Sophie Kinsella, 2004
Can you keep a secret?, P. J. Petersen, 1997

Capital crimes, Lawrence Sanders,1989
Capital crimes (series), Margaret Truman, various
Capital crimes, Stuart Woods, 2003

Changing seasons, Betty Palmer Nelson, 1996
Changing seasons, Jessie Watson, 1999

Charm school , Nelson DeMille, 1988
Charm school , Anne Fine, 2001
Charm school , Susan Wiggs, 2000

Choke, Chuck Palahniuk, 2001
Choke, Stuart Woods, 1995

Circle of magic, Debra Doyle (series; various dates)
Circle of magic, Tamora Pierce (series; various dates)

Codex, Douglas Preston, 2004
Codex, Lev Grossman, 2004

The color of death, Bruce Alexander, 2000
The color of death, Elizabeth Lowell, 2004

The Dark, Carrie Brown, 1995
The Dark, Marianne Curley, 2002
Dark, Kenji Jasper, 2001
The Dark, Andrew Neiderman, 2002

Daughter of darkness, Steven Spruill, 1997
Daughter of darkness, V.C. Andrews, 2010

Daughter of fortune, Carla Kelly, 1985
Daughter of fortune, Isabel Allende, 1999

Dead lines, Greg Bear, 2004
Dead lines, John Skipp, 1988

Dead ringer, Judith Cook, 2003
Dead ringer, Jasmine Cresswell, 2003
Dead ringer, Ken Douglas, 2003
Dead ringer, Roger Ormerod, 1985
Dead ringer, M. J. Rodgers, 1991
Dead ringer, Lisa Scottoline, 2003
Dead ringer, Charles Smithdeal, 2002
Dead ringer, Annie Solomon, 2003

Dead room, Robert Ellis, 2002
Dead room, Resnicow, Herbert, 1987

Dead run, Tony Gibbs, 1988
Dead run, Richard Lockridge, 1976
Dead run, Erica Spindler, 2002

Dead wrong, Alan Dennis Burke,1990
Dead wrong, H. B. Gilmour, 2002
Dead wrong, William X. Kienzle, 1993
Dead wrong, Aaron Marc Stein, 1957
Dead wrong, Mariah Stewart, 2004

Deception, John Altman, 2003
Deception, K. A. Applegate, 2000
Deception, Nicolas Born, 1983
Deception, Marion Chesney, 1996
Deception, Eleanor Cooney, 1993
Deception, Catherine Coulter, 1998
Deception, Celia Dale, 1979
Deception, Morgan Hayes, 1997
Deception, Christiane Heggan, 2000
Deception, Donna Hill, 1996
Deception, Judith McWilliams, 1999
Deception, Denise Mina, 2003
Deception, Don Pendleton, 2001
Deception, Amanda Quick, 1993
Deception, Barry Reed, 1997
Deception, Philip Roth, 1990

Deceptions, Lauren Maddison, 1999
Deceptions, Judith Michael, 1982
Deceptions, Marcia Muller, 1996
Deceptions, Susan Sizemore, 2002
Deceptions, Michael Weaver, 1995
Deceptions, Bobbi J. G. Weiss, 1008
Deceptions, Kate William, 1987

Deep, Peter Benchley, 1976
Deep, John Crowley, 1975
Deep, Gordon Korman, 2003
Deep, Mickey Spillane, 1961
Deep, Susanna Vance, 2003

Desert Heat, Judith A. Jance, 1993
Desert Heat, Kat Martin, 2004
Desert Heat, Doreen Roberts, 1989
Desert Heat, Evelyn Rogers, 1993
Desert Heat, Janice Sims, 2003

Distant Shore: a Story of the Sea, Jan De Hartog, 1952
Distant shores, Kristin Hannah, 2002
A distant shore, John Houghton, 1994
A distant shore, Caryl Phillips, 2003

Dive, Stacey Donovan, 1994
Dive, Adele Griffin, 1999
Dive, Lisa Teasley, 2004

Double image, Helen MacInnes, 1966
Double image, David Morrell, 1998

Doubleshot, Raymond Benson, 2000
Double Shot, Diane Mott Davidson, 2004
Double Shot, Allyson James, 2008
Double Shot, Stuart M. Kaminsky, 2010
Double Shot, Erynn Mangum, 2010

Earthquake weather, Catherine Ryan Hyde, 1998
Earthquake weather, Terrill Lankford, 2004
Earthquake weather, Tim Powers, 1997

East of Eden, Isa Glenn,1932
East of Eden, Israel Joshua Singer, 1939
East of Eden, John Steinbeck, 1952

Exile, Warwick Deeping, 1930
Exile, Allan Folsom, 2004
Exile, M. J. Friedman, 1996
An Exile, Madison Jones, 2005
Exile, William Kotzwinkle, 1987
Exile, Michael P Kube-McDowell, 1992
Exile, Anne Logston, 1999
Exile, Denise Mina, 2001
Exile, Robert Nichols, 1979
Exile, R. A. Salvatore, 2000
Exile, Al Sarrantonio, 1996
Exile, Peter Weiss, 1968
Exile, Richard S. Wheeler, 2003

Final Judgment, Eliot Asinof, 2008
Final judgement, Mitchell Benjoya, 1978
The final judgement Daniel Easterman, 1997
The final judgment, Richard North Patterson, 1995

Fire and ice, Anne Avery, 2001
Fire and ice, Janet Dailey, 1975
Fire and ice, Carla Fredd, 2001
Fire and ice, Paul Garrison, 1998
Fire and ice, Catherine Hart, 1997
Fire and ice, Erin Hunter, 2003
Fire and ice, Ray Kytle, 1975
Fire and ice, Dana Stabenow, 1998

Fire and rain, Diane Chamberlain, 1993
Fire and rain, Kathleen Eagle, 1994
Fire and rain, Elizabeth Lowell, 1999
Fire and rain, Oswald Rivera, 1990

Firestorm, Nevada Barr, 1996
Firestorm, Lisa Tawn Bergren, 2001
Firestorm, William Coyle, 1988
Firestorm, Jordan Cray, 1997
Firestorm, Gene Deweese, 1997
Firestorm, Keith Douglass, 1999
Firestorm, L. A. Graf, 1994
Firestorm, Iris Johansen, 2004
Firestorm, Colin D. Peel, 1984
Firestorm, John Peel, 2000
Firestorm, Gerald Wening, 1984

Flash Point, Paul Adam, 2003
Flash Point, Richard Aellen, 1991
Flashpoint, Bernard Ashley, 2007
Flashpoint, Linda Barnes, 1999
Flashpoint, Linda S. Bingham, 2000
Flash Point, Sneed B. Collard, 2006
Flash Point, M. S. Craig, 1987
Flashpoint, Frank Creed, 2009
Flashpoint, Suzanne Brockmann, 2004
Flashpoint, Loren L. Coleman, 2003
Flash Point, Matt Croucher, 2010
Flashpoint, Mainak Dhar, 2002
Flash Point, Jane Donnelly, 1981
Flashpoint, Keith Douglass, 2002
Flashpoint, Madelaine Duke, 1984
Flashpoint, Patricia Gardner Evans, 1986
Flashpoint, John Russell Fearn, 2003
Flashpoint, Katherine V. Forrest, 1995
Flash Point, Michael Francis Gilbert, 1974
Flashpoint, Connie Hall, 2008
Flashpoint, Lynn S. Hightower, 1995
Flash Point, Metsy Hingle, 2003
Flash Point, James W. Huston, 2000
Flash Point, Nancy Baker Jacobs, 2002
Flash Point, Sally John, 2004
Flashpoint, Leona Karr, 1993
Flashpoint, Leo Kessler, 1985
Flashpoint, George La Fountaine, 1976
Flashpoint, Frank Myers, 2003
Flashpoint, Stephanie Newton, 2010
Flashpoint, D. A. Richardson, 2006
Flashpoint, Jill Shalvis, 2008
Flashpoint, Tracey Tillis, 1997
Flash Point, Peter Wilks, 2011

Flesh and blood, Caroline Burnes, 1993
Flesh and blood, Thomas H Cook, 1989
Flesh and blood, Michael Cunningham, 1995
Flesh and blood, Pete Hamill, 1977
Flesh and blood, James Neal Harvey, 1994
Flesh and blood, Jonathan Kellerman, 2001

Fortunes of war, David Fraser, 1985
Fortunes of war, Stephen Coonts, 1998
Fortunes of war, Mel Keegan, 1995

The Game, A. S. Byatt, 1967
The Game, Gerald Hammond, 1982
The Game, Michael Hastings, 1957
The Game, Brenda Joyce, 1994
The Game, Laurie R. King, 2004
The Game, Les Logan, 1985
The Game, Jack London, 1905
The Game, Teresa Toten, 2003

Gates of Hell, C. J. Cherryh, 1986
Gates of Hell, Paul C. Doherty, 2003
Gates of Hell, Harrison Evans Salisbury, 1975
Gates of Hell, Susan Sizemore, 2000

Getting away with murder, Alan Dennis Burke, 1981
Getting away with murder, Howard Engel, 1998
Getting away with murder, Ralph M. McInerny, 1984
Getting away with murder, Anne Morice, 1991

Happiness, Will Ferguson, 2002
Happiness, Ann Harleman, 1994

Harvest, Richie Tankersley Cusick, 1997
Harvest, Tess Gerritsen, 1996
Harvest, Jean Giono, 1939
Harvest, Selma Lagerlöf, 1935
Harvest, Meyer Levin, 1978
Harvest, Gail Gaymer Martin, 2003
Harvest, Scott Nicholson, 2003
Harvest, Belva Plain, 1990
Harvest, Robert Charles Wilson, 1992
Harvest, Tzu Yeh, 1979

The highwayman, R. A. Salvatore, 2004
The highwayman, Anne Kelleher, 2001

House of secrets, Nina Bawden, 1964
House of secrets, Patti Davis, 1991
House of secrets, Eva McDonald, 1980

The ideal bride, Stephanie Laurens, 2004
The ideal bride, Nonnie St. George, 2003. F

In my father’s house, E. Lynn Harris, 2010
In my father’s house, Ann Rinaldi, 1993
In my father’s house, Bodie Thoene, 2006

Lucky, Jackie Collins, 1985
Lucky, Sharon Sala, 1995

The messenger, T. Davis Bunn, 1995
The messenger, Jan Burke, 2008
The messenger, Joseph F. Girzone, 2002
Messenger, Lois Lowry, 2004
The messenger, Daniel Silva, 2006

Monster, Diane Hoh, 1994
Monster, Jonathan Kellerman, 1999
Monster, Walter Dean Myers, 1999
Monster, Christopher Pike, 2001
Monster, John Tigges, 1995

The Narrows, Kenneth H. Brown, 1970
The Narrows, Michael Connelly, 2004
The Narrows, Ann Lane Petry, 1953

Once upon a time, Eve Bunting, 1995
Once upon a time, Richard Harding Davis, 1910
Once upon a time, Carla Neggers, 1999
Once upon a time, Vaughan Wilkins, 1949
Once upon a time, Kate William, 1997

The other woman, Eric Jerome Dickey, 2003
The other woman, Jane Green, 2004

Pendragon Chronicles, Mike Ashley, ed.. 1989
Pendragon, Catherine Christian, 1978
Pendragon, Catherine Coulter, 2002
Pendragon, Steve Lawhead, 1994
Pendragon, (series), D. J MacHale, various
Pendragon, late of Prince Albert’s own, Robert Forrest-Webb, 1975

The photograph, Virginia Ellis, 2003
The photograph, Penelope Lively, 2003
The photograph, Joe Porcelli, 1995

Practice to deceive – The Golden Chronicles #1, Patricia Veryan, 1986
Practice to deceive (Holland Taylor Mystery), David Housewright, 2000
Practice to deceive, Bess Arden, 1988
Practice to deceive: An Annie MacPherson Mystery, Janet L. Smith, 1993
Practice to deceive, Timothy Miller, 1992
Practice to deceive, Anne Blaisdell, 1971

The president’s daughter, Jack Higgins, 1997
The president’s daughter, Kimberly Brubaker Bradley, 2004
The president’s daughter, Mariah Stewart, 2002

The prodigal daughter, Ginna Gray, 2004
The prodigal daughter, Jeffrey Archer, 1982

The rag & bone shop, Jeff Rackham, 2001
The rag and bone shop, Robert Cormier, 2003Ransom, Jon Cleary, 1973

Ransom, Lois Duncan, 1966
Ransom, Julie Garwood, 1999
The ransom, Grace Livingston Hill, 1933
Ransom, Jay McInerney, 1985
Ransom, Diane Pershing, 2003
Ransom, Robert Kimmel Smith, 1971
Ransom, Danielle Steel, 2004
The ransom, Brian Tobin, 1991

Reckless abandon, Jolene Prewit-Parker, 1988
Reckless abandon, Stuart Woods, 2004

Return engagement, Lynn Michaels, 2003
Return engagement, Harry Turtledove, 2004

Riptide, Peter Benson, 1994
Riptide, Catherine Coulter, 2000
Riptide, Ella Thorp Ellis, 1969
Riptide, Sam Llewellyn, 1992
Riptide, Douglas J. Preston, 1998
Riptide, Frances Ward Weller, 1990

Running scared, Kate Daniel, 1993
Running scared, Ken Douglas, 2003
Running scared, Carolyn Keene, 1992
Running scared, Linda Ladd, 2000
Running scared, Elizabeth Lowell, 2002
Running scared, Gloria Skurzynski, 2002

The Sacrifice, K. A. Applegate, 2001
Sacrifice, Lynne Ewing, 2001
Sacrifice, John Farris, 1994
Sacrifice, Pamela Ferguson, 1981
Sacrifice, William X. Kienzle, 2001
Sacrifice, Beverly Lewis, 2004
Sacrifice, Diane Matcheck, 1998
Sacrifice, Clyde Phillips, 2003
The Sacrifice, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, 1995
Sacrifice, David R Slavitt, 1978
Sacrifice, Mitchell Smith, 1997
Sacrifice, Henry Sutton, 1978
Sacrifice, Andrew H. Vachss, 1991
Sacrifice, Robert Whitlow, 2002
Sacrifice, Adele Wiseman, 1956

The sandman, Neil Gaiman (series)
The sandman, Miles Gibson, 1984
The sandman, J. Robert Janes, 1997
The sandman, Richard Martins, 1990

Scarecrow, Calvin C. Hernton, 1974
Scarecrow, Matthew Reilly, 2004
The Scarecrow, Caroline Rush, 1968
Scarecrow, Vladimir Zheleznikov, 1990

Second Chance, Judy Baer, 1991
Second Chance, Jackie Calhoun, 1991
Second Chance, Jerry B Jenkins, 1998
Second Chance, Almet Jenks, 1959
Second Chance, Claire Lorrimer, 2000
Second Chance, Dan Montague, 1999
2nd chance, James Patterson, 2002
Second Chance, William H. Pew, 1995
Second Chance, Hildegarde Schneider, 1987
A Second Chance, Vian Smith, 1966
The second chance, and other stories, Alan Sillitoe, 1981
Second Chance, Danielle Steel, 2004
Second Chance, Kate William, 1989
Second Chance, Chet Williamson, 1994

Secret admirer, Michele Jaffe, 2002
Secret admirer, Linda Jenkins, 1993
Secret admirer, Patricia J. MacDonald, 1995
Secret admirer, Gail Sattler, 2004
Secret admirer, Amanda Stevens, 2000
Secret admirer, R. L., Stine, 2005
Secret admirer, Cheryl Zach, 1999

Skeleton man, Joseph Bruchac, 2001
Skeleton man, Tony Hillerman, 2005
Skeleton man, Jay Bennett, 1986

Sleeping beauty, L. L. Greene, 1982
Sleeping beauty, Judith Ivory, 1998
Sleeping beauty, Ross Macdonald, 1973
Sleeping beauty, Phillip Margolin, 2004
Sleeping beauty, Judith Michael, 1991
Sleeping beauty, Jacqueline Navin, 2001
Sleeping beauty, Dallas Schulze, 2001
Sleeping beauty, Elizabeth Taylor, 1953

Sound of thunder, Ray Bradbury, 2005
Sound of thunder, Taylor Caldwell, 1978
Sound of thunder, Chu-yong Kim, 1990
Sound of thunder, Wilbur Smith, 1991

Split second, David Baldacci, 2003
Split second, Alex Kava, 2001
Split second, Garry Kilworth, 1979
Split second, Fern Michaels, 1999
The split second: a Lennox Kemp mystery, M. R. D. Meek, 1985
Split seconds, Kevin Robinson, 1991

Sympathy for the devil. Kent Anderson , 2000
Sympathy for the devil, P. L. Carpenter,2003
Sympathy for the devil, Christopher Chambers , 2001
Sympathy for the devil, Jerrilyn Farmer, 2002
Sympathy for the devil, Holly Lisle, 1996

The tailor’s daughter, Janice Graham, 2006
The tailor’s daughter, Maggie Bennett, 2006

Them bones, Carolyn Haines, 1999
Them bones, Howard Waldrop, 1984

3rd degree, James Patterson, 2004
Third degree, Kate Calloway, 1997

A time to remember, Lois Richer, 2004
A time to remember, Stanley Shapiro, 1986

Valley of bones, Anthony Powell, 1964
Valley of bones, Michael Gruber, 2005

White hot, Sandra Brown, 2004
White hot, Carla Neggers, 2003

White lies, Jonellen Heckler, 1989
White lies, Linda Howard, 1988
White lies, Doris Johnson,. 1998
White lies, Julie Salamon, 1987
White lies, Anna C Salter,2000
White lies, Peter Shaffer, 1967
White lies, Kate William, 1989
White lies, Sara Wood, 1997

The winter king, Bernard Cornwell, 1995
The winter king, Dean Morrissey, 2002

The witch’s daughter, Paula Brackston, 2011
The witch’s daughter, R. A Salvatore, 1999

With these hands, Norman Katkov, 1975
With these hands, Louis L’Amour, 2002

Zero at the bone, Ferrars, E. X., 1967
Zero at the bone, Jane Seville, 2009
Zero at the bone, Mary Willis Walker, 1991
Zero at the bone, Michael Cadnum, 1996


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