Not an exhaustive list.  I’m striving for adult fiction titles, but an occasional YA or juvenile fiction title, or a biography, may have made its way in here.  Some publication dates may reflect later editions of the work.

A daughter of the middle border, Hamlin Garland, 2007
A daughter of Zion, Bodie Thoene, 1987
A daughter’s inheritance, Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller, 2008
A family daughter, Maile Meloy, 2006
A partisan’s daughter, Louis de Bernières, 2008
A Viking’s daughter, John Andrews, 1989
Bear daughter, Judith Berman, 2005
Belshazzar’s daughter, Barbara Nadel, 2003
Bill Bailey’s daughter, Catherine Cookson, 1988
Bootlegger’s daughter, Margaret Maron, 2000
Charlie’s daughter, Susan Child, 1981
Cleopatra’s daughter, Michelle Moran, 2009
Clotel, or, The president’s daughter, William Wells Brown, 2004
Daughter, Asha Bandele, 2003
Daughter of ancients, Carol Berg, 2005
Daughter of China, C. Hope Flinchbaugh, 2002
Daughter of darkness, Steven Spruill, 1997
Daughter of darkness, V.C. Andrews, 2010
Daughter of deceit, Victoria Holt, 1991
Daughter of deliverance, Gilbert Morris, 2006
Daughter of exile, Isabel Glass, 2004
Daughter of fortune, Carla Kelly, 1985
Daughter of fortune, Isabel Allende, 1999
Daughter of Ireland, Juilene Osborne-McKnight, 2002
Daughter of Jerusalem, Thom Lemmons, 1999
Daughter of joy, Kathleen Morgan, 1999
Daughter of liberty, J. M. Hochstetler, 2004
Daughter of Lir, Judith Tarr, 2001
Daughter of Satan, Jean Plaidy, 2002
Daughter of silk, Linda Lee Chaikin, 2006
Daughter of the Blood, Anne Bishop, 1998
Daughter of the drow, Elaine Cunningham, 1996
Daughter of the empire, Raymond E. Feist and Janny Wurts, 1987
Daughter of the forest, Juliet Marillier, 2000
Daughter of the game, Tracy Grant, 2002
Daughter of the great Zandini, Cary Fagan, 2001
Daughter of the loom, Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller, 2003
Daughter of the mountains, Louise Rankin, 1993
Daughter of the Queen of Sheba, Jackie Lyden, 1997
Daughter of the shining isles, Elizabeth Cunningham, 2000
Daughter of the stars, Phyllis A. Whitney, 1994
Daughter of the wind, Michael Cadnum, 2003
Daughter of twin oaks, Lauraine Snelling, 2009
Daughter of Venice, Donna Jo Napoli, 2002
Daughter of war, Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch, 2008
Daughter of York, Anne Easter Smith, 2008
Daughter’s keeper, Ayelet Waldman, 2003
Deception’s daughter, Cordelia Frances Biddle, 2008
Donovan’s daughter, Lori Wick, 1999
Dracula’s daughter, Mary Hoffman, 2006
Elminster’s daughter, Ed Greenwood,2004
First daughter, Eric Van Lustbader, 2008
Hades’ daughter, Sara Douglass, 2003
Hitler’s daughter, Jackie French, 2003
Homer’s daughter, Robert Graves, 1955
I am Rembrandt’s daughter, Lynn Cullen, 2007
Isabel’s daughter, Judith Ryan Hendricks, 2003
Junk man’s daughter, Sonia Levitin, 2007
Kissing the gunner’s daughter, Ruth Rendell, 1992
Lady Macbeth’s daughter, Lisa M. Klein, 2009
Lady Vernon and her daughter, Jane Rubino and Caitlen Rubino-Bradway, 2009
Like mother, like daughter, Jane Sigaloff, 2006
Lirael, daughter of the Clayr, Garth Nix, 2001
Lost Daughter, Elena Ferrante, 2008
Marilyn’s daughter, John Rechy, 1988
Misfortune’s daughters, Joan Collins, 2005
Mother ocean, daughter sea, Diana Marcellas, 2001
Mrs. Keppel and her daughter, Diana Souhami, 1997
My daughter’s boyfriend, Cydney Rax, 2004
My lost daughter, Nancy Taylor Rosenberg, 2010
My mother’s daughter, Judith Henry Wall, 2001
Not my daughter, Barbara Delinsky, 2010
Not without my daughter, Betty Mahmoody, 1988
Only begotten daughter, James Morrow, 2003
Pandora’s daughter, Iris Johansen, 2007
Pharaoh’s daughter of ancient Egypt, Julius Lester, 2000
Philippa Fisher and the dream-maker’s daughter, Liz Kessler, 2009
Please excuse my daughter, Julie Klam, 2008
Prospero’s daughter, Elizabeth Nunez, 2006
Rasputin’s daughter, Robert Alexander, 2006
Ronia, the robber’s daughter, Astrid Lindgren, 1983
Search for the moon king’s daughter, Linda Holeman, 2002
Sharp focus: a first daughter mystery, Susan Ford with Laura Hayden, 2003
Somebody’s daughter, Marie Myung-Ok Lee, 2005
Songs for the butcher’s daughter, Peter Manseau, 2008
The abortionist’s daughter, Elisabeth Hyde, 2006
The alchemist’s daughter, Katharine McMahon, 2006
The bad daughter, Julie Hilden, 1998
The bonesetter’s daughter, Amy Tan, 2001
The calligrapher’s daughter, Eugenia Kim, 2009
The case of the disappearing daughter, Barbara Mitchelhill, 2007
The colonel’s daughter, Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, 2005
The con man’s daughter, Ed Dee, 2003
The courtesan’s daughter, Claudia Dain, 2008
The daughter of time, Josephine Tey, 1995
The daughter-in-law, Diana Diamond, 2003
The doctor’s daughter, Hilma Wolitzer, 2006
The dreamthief’s daughter: a tale of the albino, Michael Moorcock, 2001
The executioner’s daughter, Laura E. Williams, 2000
The farmer’s daughter, Jim Harrison, 2010
The fat man’s daughter, Caroline Petit, c2005
The fireworkmaker’s daughter, Philip Pullman, 1999
The fortune teller’s daughter, Lila Shaara, 2008
The general’s daughter, Nelson DeMille, 1992
The glass maker’s daughter, V. Briceland, 2009
The gold miner’s daughter, Jackie Mims Hopkins, 2006
The goldsmith’s daughter, Tanya Landman, 2009
The grave of God’s daughter, Brett Ellen Block, 2004
The gravedigger’s daughter, Joyce Carol Oates, 2007
The hangman’s beautiful daughter, Sharyn McCrumb, 1992
The heretic’s daughter, Kathleen Kent, 2008
The horsemaster’s daughter, Susan Wiggs, 1999
The hummingbird’s daughter, Luis Alberto Urrea, 2005
The iron dragon’s daughter, Michael Swanwick, 1994
The king’s daughter, Sandra Worth, 2008
The Light-Bearer’s daughter, O. R. Melling, 2007
The lightkeeper’s daughter, Iain Lawrence, 2003
The lord-protector’s daughter, L. E.Modesitt, 2008
The mapmaker’s daughter, John Pilkington, 2004
The memory keeper’s daughter, Kim Edwards, 2005
The miner’s daughter, Gretchen Moran Laskas, 2007
The minister’s daughter, Julie Hearn, 2005
The mistress’s daughter, A.M. Homes, 2007
The moneylender’s daughter, Book 2, V.A. Richardson, 2006
The mortician’s daughter, Elizabeth Bloom, 2006
The mother-daughter book club, Heather Vogel Frederick, 2007
The narcissist’s daughter , Craig Holden, 2005
The ninth daughter, Barbara Hamilton, 2009
The optimist’s daughter, Eudora Welty, 1972
The other daughter, Lisa Gardner, 1998
The piano man’s daughter, Timothy Findley, 1995
The pope’s daughter, Caroline P. Murphy, 2005
The preacher’s daughter, Beverly Lewis, 2005
The president’s daughter, Jack Higgins, 1997
The president’s daughter, Kimberly Brubaker Bradley, 2004
The president’s daughter, Mariah Stewart, 2002
The prodigal daughter, Ginna Gray, 2004
The prodigal daughter, Jeffrey Archer, 1982
The professor’s daughter, Emmanuel Guibert, 2007
The puzzle of the paper daughter: a Julie mystery, Kathryn Reiss, 2010
The quilter’s daughter, Wanda E. Brunstetter, 2005
The red queen’s daughter, Jacqueline Kolosov, 2007
The samurai’s daughter, Sujata Massey, 2003
The seadragon’s daughter, Alan F. Troop, 2004
The senator’s other daughter, Stephen Bly, 2001
The serpent’s daughter: a Jade Del Cameron mystery, Suzanne Arruda, 2008
The snake catcher’s daughter: a Mamur Zapt mystery, Michael Pearce, 1994
The spinner’s daughter, Amy Littlesugar, 1994
The stationmaster’s daughter, Harriet Hudson, 2005
The stonecutter’s daughter, Janet Woods, 2005
The storyteller’s daughter, Saira Shah, 2003
The superintendent’s daughter: a Gil Mayo mystery, Marjorie Eccles, 2000
The tailor’s daughter, Janice Graham, 2006
The tailor’s daughter, Maggie Bennett, 2006
The thief queen’s daughter, Elizabeth Haydon, 2007
The tsarina’s daughter, Carolly Erickson, 2008
The virgin queen’s daughter, Ella March Chase, 2008
The warrior’s daughter, Holly Bennett, 2007
The wedding planner’s daughter, Coleen Murtagh Paratore, 2005
The witch’s daughter, Paula Brackston, 2011
The witch’s daughter, R. A Salvatore, 1999
The woodsman’s daughter, Gwyn Hyman Rubio, 2005
This is my daughter, Roxana Robinson, 1998
Walking with her daughter, Jessica Barksdale Inclán, 2005
What is left the daughter, Howard A.Norman, 2010
Wisdom’s daughter of Solomon and Sheba, India Edghill, 2004
Wizard’s daughter, Catherine Coulter, 2008
Yes, my darling daughter, Margaret Leroy, 2009


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