Writable Novel Notes — 2 Comments

  1. I also find that when I take the time to write things down during my writing process – be it a character I want to introduce or a mini storyboard of how characters get from A to B – the ideas are better and actually make it into what I’m writing. Perhaps it’s just the tangible act of putting it to paper that helps take it out of the grey matter and helps me focus.

  2. It’s definitely been a disaster when I just wade into a novel without having the slightest idea of a framework. I just meander forever, and somehow never get to know the characters, either. Having some sort of rational storyboard makes the whole thing fun to write and gives the characters a theater stage upon which to develop. I like the concept of storyboard because it implies the ability to shift your boards around as you go. The ideas that you start with are never as exciting as the ideas that begin to come up as you get into the actual composition.

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