Homage to the Wiess Cracks — 6 Comments

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  2. By the ’90s, the Wiess Crack was a once-a-year parody newspaper, a far cry from the lofty ideals you had for it. But it was a lot of fun to put together, and some (though, admittedly, not a lot) was pretty funny satire. I enjoyed working on it in ’91, and in ’92 I was the editor-in-chief–but due to budget constraints, we had to forego newsprint and print it on 11X17 paper folded, very much like your editions. I enjoyed working on the Wiess Crack so much that, last year, working as the adviser to the first newspaper in decades at the school where I now teach, I convinced them to do a parody paper themselves.

    • Wow … so it DID have a continued existence. I actually found some copies from the 60’s on eBay, before my time. Pretty lame. Thanks for letting me know about the 90’s version. (It’s also refreshing to get a real comment, as most of my blog commenters seem to be Russian pharmaceutical distributors … what a surprise to get a real comment from a real person!)

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